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MOLD Inspection & AIR QUALITY Testing

Do you think you might have allergens or a mold problem? Call 832-264-7793 now to schedule a reliable mold or air quality inspection.

For mold inspections, Houston-Katy-Sugarland-Pearland, and all other areas, home owners trust Airborne Environmental for professional and affordable mold inspection, detection, and air quality testing. We can perform a thorough building or home inspection to determine if there is a problem in your property. As the premier mold inspection team we are your best choice for unbiased commercial and residential mold inspections, air quality testing and building inspections. 

While we do not perform mold remediation, we work with several licensed mold remediation contractors around Houston and are happy to recommend trustworthy services. 

If you have questions about mold or suspect that you may have a mold problem call us and we can help answer any questions you might have about mold.
We also do water testing for bacterial issues…AND we are also qualified to do residential Asbestos Testing.


Mold Inspection Services

Do you notice strange conditions in your home or business? In a region like ours, it often means a mold problem. Unfortunately, many home and business owners don’t recognize the signs of mold issues or know what to do until the mold has already spread creating a mold problem inside the property. 

That’s when they call on Airborne Environmental. When it comes to mold inspections, Houston trusts our team for thorough and honest mold assessments. If mold impacts your indoor air quality and threatens your building, we can let you know. 

The Dangers of Mold: Indoor Air Quality

Elevated levels of harmful mold indoors is not something to take lightly. Moreover, studies show that when you breathe in the mold spores that fungi release regularly,  it can often have severe health consequences in some cases. This is especially true for the elderly, young children, and people with pre-existing conditions. 

Unfortunately, some mold remediation companies take advantage of these concerns. However, since we do not offer remediation services, homeowners and business owners trust us for an honest and unbiased mold assessment. 

As a highly-rated mold inspection company in the greater Houston area, we offer people professional service and peace of mind. Gain the confidence that comes from honest and affordable results. Furthermore, we make recommendations for how to remove mold based on our findings, reports and lab results. With a thorough mold assessment from our team, you will have what you need for effective mold remediation and healthier environment.

When to Schedule Mold Inspection and Why?

  • Visible Growth
  • Flooding
  • Leaks 
  • Water Damage
  • High Humidity 
  • Strange odors 
  • Real estate transactions
  • Health Concerns
  • Remediation
  • Clearance Testing
  • Rental Properties
  • Peace of Mind
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Mold Inspections & Air Quality Testing
Houston – Katy – Sugarland – Pearland – Spring – and more

With a mold assessment, Houston homes and businesses gain peace of mind. While there is a potential danger to mold exposure, it’s important to understand that a certain level of mold spores are normal in any indoor area at any given time. Although, not every type of mold is toxic, any mold at very high levels can adversely affect your health overtime. 

There are some forms of mold that are easy to treat and don’t require expensive remediation efforts at all. That’s why it is essential to hire a reliable, professional inspector to inspect your building for mold and its sources and help you understand the issues. 

Our Inspection Process

Our inspector will collect samples from your environment to determine whether the mold levels are safe. We partner with only qualified and credible microbiology laboratories that tests our mold and air samples. Then, we analyze the results to make the most appropriate recommendations for mold remediation for your property to safely and properly remove the mold. 

At Airborne Environmental, our goal for Houston mold inspections is simple. 

  • Confirm the presence of a mold problem 
  • Locate the source of the mold issue 
  • Determine the severity and spread of the mold problem
  • Offer a plan for quick and  effective mold remediation 


With professional mold inspections, Airborne Environmental always has a reliable solution to a help eliminate and remove potentially dangerous mold problems. We use our knowledge and experience to diagnose the issue and offer a personalized solution for every mold remediation project. 

While every situation is unique, Airborne Environmental mold inspectors have the experience and expertise to help you foster a healthy environment. Whether its visible mold in your bathroom or you suspect growth in your office, an honest, thorough mold assessment offers peace of mind. 

Know What You’re Breathing 

There are lots of things you cannot see floating around in our air. From dust, pollen, fumes, smog, pollutants and even tiny particles called aerosols or bioaerosols. Also included in the air are very tiny invisible particles called mold spores which are very common and sometimes dangerous. When you work with Airborne Environmental, you gain confidence in understanding your indoor environment. This is because we offer comprehensive results and analysis so that you employ effective mold remediation services if mold is found. Along with our complete mold inspection we offer you the lab results as well so that you have a much better understanding of the issues in your home or business. 

Having accurate information allows you to know whether you need to hire a professional mold remediation contractor for service or if you can take remediation into your own hands. At Airborne Environmental, we offer honest results because we do not benefit from the results. Whether we detect a mold problem or find nothing at all, you learn exactly what is happening in your property and know what your are breathing in. 

What Happens When We Find Mold?

With mold inspections Houston trusts, we know how to offer effective plans for remediation. When a mold problem is present, we offer our clients a detailed protocols for safe, effective removal. A protocol is essentially the scope of work written by your mold inspector that the mold remediation contractor must follow.

Whenever we perform a  mold inspection and test a location, we then provide precise recommendations for the work necessary to address and help eliminate the mold problem. Our mold reports lay out every step for you or your professional mold remediation contractor to take. With personalized strategies, we help you remove the mold problem, eliminate the moisture issue and ensure better indoor air quality in your home or business. 

Breathe Easier with Our Mold Inspection Company

Is there mold in your property? Do you have questions about mold inspections in Houston, TX? Ready to schedule an assessment in your home or business? Call 832-264-7793

Buildings across the Houston, Texas area have the potential for mold growth. With hot, humid conditions and frequent flooding, it’s common to suspect mold growth. To help prevent health problems, hire the mold testing company Houston trusts.

Our professional licensed mold testing services can help. Call 832-264-7793 to schedule mold inspections that Houston residents can count on!



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Mold Inspections Houston FAQ

When it comes to finding affordable mold inspections, air quaility testing, water testing and asbestos testing, Houston relies on Airborne Environmental. We are a major resource for home and business owners who want to improve their indoor air quality. As such, we want to help you understand your situation. 

Below, we cover a few frequently asked questions and provide concise, clear answers.

A mold is a form of fungi that grows both inside and outdoors. It’s a natural part of the world, and it’s normal for some level of mold to be present at any given time. 

Outdoors, you can find mold in damp, shady areas. For instance, you’ll see it where vegetation decomposes or where leaves bunch up on the ground. 

Indoors, we see it when moisture levels rise above 60. Often, this occurs in dark places like attics, basements, crawlspaces, bathrooms, and behind walls. 

To schedule mold inspections Houston trusts, call on the team at Airborne Environmental.

Per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Center for Disease Control (CDC), it’s not recommended to sample for molds on your own. This is because individual susceptibility varies quite greatly. As such, the type is less important. 

If you see or smell mold, there’s a potential health risk in your home. To understand your situation, we recommend asking about our mold inspections. Houston area business owners and homeowners have a chance to improve their air quality when they understand what they breathe in.

Mold has a musty smell. Oftentimes, it grows in dark spaces, such as under carpets, in crawlspaces, behind walls, in attics, etc. Typically, it leaves visible stains on walls, furniture, and ceilings. 

It’s possible to visibly identify mold by discoloration on surfaces. Generally, brown, tan, green, white, black, purple, and green are discolorations that represent potential mold growth.

When it comes to mold inspections, Houston residents often detect a musty smell. When this type of odor is present (and not typical for your space), it is likely that off-gassing is the cause. 

In this case, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions. 

  • Did anything change in the space? 
  • Have you brought anything new into the space that might give off the odor (old books, boxes, etc)?
  • Did you install any new carpet, furniture, or paint?

If nothing really changed about the space, that points to off-gassing. When the odor is musty, that’s a sign that there’s a moisture issue. This moisture issue fuels mold growth. Generally speaking, we refer to this as hidden mold. 

With mold inspections, Houston residents have a thorough, professional service to search for any mold and its causes. Moreover, we provide recommendations for remediation.