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Airborne Environmental provides mold testing and inspection services for residential, commercial properties throughout the Greater Houston, Katy, Pearland areas in Texas.

Mold testing and inspection are crucial to identify the presence of mold, assess its type and extent, and determine potential health risks. This information guides proper remediation and helps create a healthy indoor environment.

Mold testing involves collecting samples from the environment, such as air samples or surface swabs. These samples are then analyzed to identify the types and concentrations of mold present in the tested area.

After conducting mold testing, Airborne Environmental typically provides results within a 1-2 days. The timeline may vary based on the number of samples and the complexity of the analysis.

Mold testing and inspection are beneficial for all types of properties, including homes, offices, schools, and industrial facilities. Any place with indoor environments can develop mold issues that require assessment.

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