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Airborne Environmental – Your Trusted Partner for Asbestos testing and Home Inspection Services

After settling into your recently acquired home, you notice a persistent musty odor that refuses to dissipate. Concerns about the air quality in your new residence arise, leading you to wonder about potential hidden issues behind the walls or beneath the flooring.

If you need home inspection Houston services, we are here to help. Our services will give you peace of mind and a safer living environment. Airborne is an industry leader in mold and house inspection services, so you can trust us to get the job done right.

Asbestos Testing: Understanding its Nature and Health Implications

Asbestos is naturally found in soil and rocks with insulating and heat-resistant properties. Because of its fibrous nature, it is widely used as a construction component to make floor tiles, siding, insulation, roofing, etc. However, a high amount of Asbestos can pose serious health threats when released into the air. 

Extended Asbestos exposure can lead to progressive lung conditions and even aggressive cancer form, mesothelioma. It’s important to stay alert and watch for any signs of potential problems, like damaged insulation, deteriorating pipe insulation, and disintegrating floor tiles. 

This way, you can catch any issues early on and prevent any dangerous situations from happening. If your property was built before the 1980s, it may be more susceptible to Asbestos and require regular Asbestos testing services.

That is why Airborne strives to educate house owners regarding the threat of Asbestos infestation and the telltale signs to look out for. We are a top Asbestos testing service that offers a complete solution for removing risks and promoting a clean and healthy home.

The Airborne Advantage

Same-Day Inspection

Airborne understands the urgency of addressing Asbestos and Mold removal. That is why our Houston asbestos testing prioritizes our client’s requests and provides them with same-day inspection service. 

Equipped with advanced equipment and skills, our certified team conducts an in-depth inspection and provides comprehensive solutions accordingly.

Rapid Response Time

Getting a rapid response is a priority, as we recognize the importance of your time. If you have any questions or issues, our team will get back to you at our earliest convenience. Airborne’s prompt responses and clear lines of communication will keep your day on track and your nerves at bay.

Affordable Prices

Everyone should have equal access to professional mold testing and house inspections. Airborne’s price is fair and up-front, guaranteeing that our clients can afford our services without sacrificing the quality of our inspections. 

Customer Focus Operation

At Airborne, we prioritize our customer’s satisfaction, as it is crucial to the success of our business. We listen to your needs, answer your questions, and adjust our services to meet your requirements. 

Our team is dedicated to providing you with undivided attention to ensure that your experience with Airborne is exceptional.

Explore More of Our Services

Specialized Mold Testing Service

Airborne mold testing service is tailored to accurately and precisely detect and evaluate mold problems. Our licensed experts use cutting-edge equipment and knowledge to provide thorough mold assessments for homes and businesses.

Our mold testing includes analyzing air quality and collecting surface samples to determine what mold is growing there. Using such a thorough approach, we can ascertain the severity of the problem and evaluate the hazards connected with mold exposure.

Following the inspection, we summarize our findings and provide recommendations for successful, client-specific restoration in a comprehensive report.

Comprehensive Home Inspection Service

With Airborne, avail our thorough house inspection service that goes well beyond just testing for mold. To provide a thorough evaluation of the property’s condition, our expert inspectors check for things like radon, Asbestos, mold, and other hazardous elements.

We test the air quality within a building to find contaminants and allergens that might harm the residents. Our staff conducts comprehensive particle counts to guarantee the absence of any potential hazards in the indoor air.

Additionally, older buildings often contain Asbestos, which can be hazardous. Our professional Asbestos testing Houston service takes the necessary precautions to safely handle or remove any items containing Asbestos.

Noticing a weird pungent smell seeping into your house? Our home inspection includes testing for radon, a dangerous gas that can seep into homes from the ground and cause 

harm. Our advanced radon testing methods offer essential information for homeowners concerned about its effects.

Our Airborne Process

1. Consultation and Scheduling

Our procedure begins with a thorough consultation. Our knowledgeable employees will take the time to hear your questions and needs and arrange an appropriate inspection day and time per your schedule.

2. On-Site Inspection & Testing

Expect our inspectors to show up in full gear on the scheduled day. Our inspectors are aware of everything, from looking for signs of mold to determining whether or not Asbestos is present in the air.

3. Detailed Reporting

After the inspections, our team of experts analyzes the collected data. We produce a comprehensive report outlining our findings and highlighting potential issues.

4. Tailored Recommendation

We then provide expert advice based on our findings, designed to meet your home’s specific requirements. Whether you need help with mold removal, asbestos removal, or radon reduction, our professionals will lead you to the finest options for your situation.

5. Solution Execution

Once Airborne Environmental has thoroughly examined your home, we will take charge and implement the most effective solutions to address any identified hazardous components.

6. Customer Support

Once the service is completed, we conduct a post-remediation evaluation to ensure its success. Our team double-checks everything to guarantee your home is safe and secure, making you feel healthy and at ease.

Airborne Values

Authenticity: We honor our commitments and stand by what we say. Every time we commit, we do it; we really do it. Our team members are courageous and proud of their accomplishments, no matter how difficult the situation is.

Safety: Prioritising the well-being of our staff, our customers, and the surrounding environment always comes first. Our procedures are under constant scrutiny, and we are always looking for new and better methods to ensure everyone’s safety.

Active Listening: By actively listening to one another, we create a culture where everyone feels heard. We make it easy for people to voice their opinions and provide solutions to problems.

Continuous learning: We are committed to lifelong education and excellence. We want our team members to reflect on their work and share what they’ve learned with the rest of the company. We can provide our customers with greater service through mutual learning and improvement.


Professional testing confirms the presence of asbestos. Asbestos-containing materials are more likely found in a building constructed before the 1980s. 

Asbestos fibers are minute; thus, a visual check is insufficient and requires a team of qualified specialists employed to use sophisticated equipment and sample methodologies to test it.

It would seem prudent to avoid disturbing asbestos, but in reality, all materials that have been damaged or are decaying offer a threat. Even small disturbances can cause asbestos-containing materials to release harmful fibers into the air. 

When people inhale these fibers, they become at risk for developing diseases. With the help of our asbestos inspection services, you can be sure your building is safe for its residents.

Usually not. If materials containing asbestos become damaged, crumbled, or pose a direct risk of fiber release, they should be promptly removed. You can also limit the exposure through an enclosure or encasing it.

It depends on your insurance coverage. To further understand your insurance coverage, please consult your policy or insurance provider.

If your home has been tested and found to be free of asbestos in the past, and if the construction materials have not been significantly altered or damaged, routine inspections may not be necessary. 

However, if you suspect asbestos-containing items have been damaged or are planning renovations, schedule an Asbestos inspection as soon as possible.

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